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Casco Cup

Casco Cup

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Available in three sizes, Casco Cup offers leak-resistant, odorless period protection that's so comfortable you won't even feel it. Designed by athletes, Casco Cup is perfect for up to 12 hours of use whether you're running, working or sleeping. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone in Maine, USA. Aqua Case included.
For more information about our Casco Cup, click here to visit our cup's website for all things period.

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    Why You'll Love It:

    • Can be used for up to 12 hours
    • Lasts 10+ years
    • Leak-resistant protection
    • Incredibly comfortable
    • FDA-registered design
    • 100% medical grade silicone
    • Made in Maine, USA


    • 1 Casco Cup in the size of your choosing
    • 1 Aqua Case, a purse-tested carrying case for safe storage in your purse or in a medicine cabinet
    • Instructions

      Have questions? Check out the best menstrual cup guide for information on how to choose, use and love your Casco Cup.

      What's My Size?

      The Casco Cup is available in three comfortable, medical-grade silicone sizes.

      • Mini: Ideal for women with a low cervix or younger girls who are new to menstrual cups.
      • Size 1: Our medium size, Size 1 was created for women who have not given birth or who are under 30 years old.
      • Size 2: Suggested for women who have given birth or who are over 30 years old.


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