Scuba Gear: The Best Diving Equipment

 The best scuba gear is made from durable materials that maintain their stretch in cold water. With that in mind, SiliconeGear's scuba diving gear line is engineered from medical-grade silicone and manufactured right here in the United States. Whether you're looking to stock up on scuba gear for your shop or are an avid diver, our material offers the quality, durability, and stretchiness that you're looking for. As a factory, SiliconeGear is pleased to provide factory-direct prices on all of our products.

Your Scuba Gear Should Be:

  1. Durable
  2. Flexible in the coldest waters
  3. Comfortable during extended periods of use
  4. Hypoallergenic & skin contact-safe
  5. Affordable
  6. American-made quality

DISCLAIMER: Do not go scuba diving without a certification.

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Why Medical-Grade Silicone Scuba Gear?

Divers love silicone for a variety of reasons. For one, it remains flexible in cold waters, which is critical for a regulator mouthpiece or necklace. Medical-grade silicone is also skin-contact safe and hypoallergenic--unlike natural rubber or plastic. Beyond that, silicone is soft and comfortable, making it a great way to reduce jaw fatigue.

Medical-grade silicone is:

  • Soft
  • Stretchy in cold waters
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not smell
  • Durable

Be Careful: Companies that manufacture their products overseas may label non-silicone as "medical-grade silicone." SiliconeGear is owned and operated by Casco Bay Molding, a factory in Maine. When you shop at SiliconeGear, you can rest assured that everything on this site has been subject to strict American quality control standards.

Durable, Stretchy Scuba Gear

Our carefully-designed scuba diving equipment line includes:

  1. Standard Mouthpiece: Our best-selling mouthpiece is designed to resist jaw fatigue. Available in a variety of colors, the Standard Mouthpiece is an excellent choice for divers with small to medium-sized mouths.
  2. Long Bite Mouthpiece: A favorite at the DEMA trade show, the Long Bite Mouthpiece allows divers with larger mouths to adjust their bite throughout the dive for maximum comfort.
  3. Kids Mouthpiece: An essential piece of scuba gear for kids, our Kids Mouthpiece is available in fun colors to make kids excited about diving. The Kids Mouthpiece is designed for comfort in small mouths.
  4. Tank Strap (AL40 and AL80): Available in packs of 25 and 500, our two sizes of tank straps are a great way to secure equipment and hoses on tanks of different sizes. Both are engineered from stretchy silicone that will resume its original shape.
  5. Octopus Regulator Necklace: The Octo Necklace is another favorite about scuba divers. This regulator necklace deal for securing a first or second regulator. Made from high elongation silicone, it remains flexible in cold water.
  6. Octopus Strap: The innovative Octo Strap is available in safety yellow. It's designed to hold a mouthpiece and is compatible with the Standard and Long Bite.
  7. Snorkel Keeper: Featuring a detachable design, the Snorkel Keeper is great for holding a snorkel, torch, or dive light.

Our decade-running product line is renowned for its American-made quality, eye-catching colors, and thoughtful design, making it a favorite at the annual DEMA (Dive Equipment Marketing Association) trade show. 

8 Scuba Gear Packages We Offer

SiliconeGear is pleased to supply dive shops around the world with wholesale scuba equipment. We offer our unique products in the following quantities. If you are interested in a larger quantity, please email us, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

  1. Standard Mouthpiece: 50 pack ($80) or 1,000 pack ($1,300)
  2. Long Bite Mouthpiece: 50 pack ($95) or 1,000 pack ($1,600)
  3. Kids Mouthpiece: 25 pack ($47.50) or 250 pack ($400)
  4. AL40 Tank Strap: 25 pack ($83) or 500 pack ($1,350)
  5. AL80 Tank Strap: 25 pack ($83) or 500 pack ($1,350)
  6. Octopus Regulator Necklace: 25 pack ($100) or 500 pack (1,600)
  7. Octopus Strap: 50 pack ($40) or 1,000 pack ($700)
  8. Snorkel Keeper: 50 pack ($55) or 250 pack ($225)
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Discount Scuba Gear Online

We also offer volume discounts. Get 15% off when you purchase $500 or more with the code "DEMA500".

5 Things to Look For When Choosing Scuba Gear

Whether you're in crystal clear Costa Rican waters or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, you need the best quality scuba gear. SiliconeGear is a longtime DEMA and dive shop favorite because our product line sets the standard for quality dive equipment. 

  1. REMAINS FLEXIBLE IN COLD WATER: You need gear that remains flexible in cold water. With that in mind, look for 100% medical-grade silicone, such as the products you'll find on this site.
  2. HYPOALLERGENIC: Your dive shop gear should be safe for skin contact. That means choosing hypoallergenic scuba diving gear, such as our silicone scuba mouthpieces, octopus straps, octopus necklaces, and more.
  3. JAW FATIGUE RESISTANT: No one likes jaw fatigue deep underwater. Make sure your customers have the best diving experience with our Longbite, Standard, and Kids mouthpieces.
  4. AFFORDABLE PRICES: Looking for premium diving equipment at competitive prices? This online scuba diver store is factory owned and operated, meaning that our wholesale prices are as low as possible.
  5. USA-MADE QUALITY: Looking for guaranteed quality? All of our products are manufactured in the United States in an ISO:13485 certified facility.

DISCLAIMER: Do not go diving without a scuba certification. The following information is intended for educational purposes.

3 Scuba Diving Mouthpiece Sizes

A favorite at the DEMA trade show, we offer three different scuba mouthpiece sizes, all engineered from medical-grade silicone rubber.

  1. LONG BITE MOUTHPIECE: Great for divers with a slightly larger mouth, especially male divers, the Long Bite is designed to reduce jaw fatigue during extended dives.
  2. STANDARD MOUTHPIECE: An ideal size for adult divers, the standard mouthpiece is compatible with most regulators and available in various colors on our wholesale scuba gear site.
  3. KID'S MOUTHPIECE: Available in an array of eye-catching colors, this small size is great for dive shops catering to younger divers.

Octopus Strap for Your Scuba Gear

It's critical not to lose a mouthpiece during a dive. That's why we designed the Octopus Stap, another favorite in our wholesale dive shop. Otherwise known as a second regulator strap, the "Octo Strap" is made from medical-grade silicone designed for extended elongation and ideal for cold waters. In other words, the Octopus Strap remains flexible, an essential safety feature.

Octopus Regulator Necklace

The Octopus Regulator Necklace is another favorite wholesale scuba gear offering on SiliconeGear. A diving regulator is designed to reduce the gas's pressure in the tank; it allows the diver to breathe highly pressurized gas.

Preparing for an emergency is a critical part of successful scuba diving. With that in mind, many technical and cave divers use our Octopus Necklace to fasten their primary or secondary regulator. A secondary regulator is a crucial safety feature that allows you to assist your diving buddy in an emergency. 

You want your Octopus Necklace to be made from medical-grade silicone engineered for cold water flexibility. That's why we never use vinyl elastomers or questionable mixed silicone products, only medical-grade materials. SiliconeGear is a longtime favorite in the diving community because of our emphasis on quality and transparency in our processes.

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Scuba Tank Strap (AL40 AND AL80)

Great for securing equipment and hoses, we offer two sizes of tank straps: the AL40 and Al80. One may use these straps with both side-mounted and standard tanks. Made from 100% healthcare-grade silicone, these tank straps remain flexible in cold water, a critical feature for divers everywhere.

About Us: Wholesale Scuba Gear Manufacturer

What should you look for when choosing the gear for your next coral reef exploration? In addition to being certified to dive, you should consider quality above all else. That means choosing brands that have ample experience producing dive gear—and those that are conscious of the wear and tear associated with diving.

SiliconeGear has designed and manufactured quality scuba equipment for two decades. Our gear is produced from medical-grade silicone designed for flexibility in cold, deep water. It is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible, unlike lower-quality materials. All of our products are manufactured in Maine, USA.

Other Important Scuba Gear for Dive Shops

Though we do not offer the following equipment, they are also critical for dive shops.

Dive Tank

Iconic to scuba diving, a tank is a cylinder filled with high-pressure gas that allows someone to breathe while underwater. It's hard to miss—and the key to exploring deep underwater. By contrast, someone may snorkel without a tank or a lot of these accessories.

For a safe experience, a tank requires a tank strap, designed to secure scuba equipment such as hoses or other necessities. The best tank strap is compatible with standard or side-mounted tank models and is available in various sizes. It should also be made from medical-grade silicone for durability and easy use: No one wants to be fumbling with their scuba gear while on a dive. It's also a great, lightweight material.

Masks Are Essential Scuba Gear

Another crucial (and iconic) piece of scuba diving equipment is the mask. There are different mask styles, such as full-face or those that only cover the eyes and nose. Determining which is best for you may be a matter of personal choice. The best mask or other accessory is hypoallergenic, wear-resistant, and durable.


Though some argue that snorkels are not necessary scuba gear for technical divers, others emphasize that they're essential for people who dive recreationally. Choosing whether or not you use one should be determined with a dive shop or instructor's help and is a matter of personal choice, though always keep safety first.

For example, shore divers who may have to swim for a distance prefer to have a snorkel. It's also a great way to explore and understand your visibility if using a dive boat.  

Wetsuit or Drysuit

Every diver needs a drysuit or a wetsuit, but what is the difference between the two? It all comes down to heat loss. Drysuits are preferable in cold water locations, whereas wetsuits are customary in warmer water. In simple terms, drysuits are designed to keep your warm, whereas wet suits are not: they only have a layer of neoprene and a thin layer of water against the skin, whereas dry suits contain elements designed for insulation.

Choosing between these generally comes down to where you are diving and how much you're willing to spend. Though you can find dry suits for much lower prices than previously, they require more upkeep than a wetsuit.

Scuba Diving Fins

Fins are another type of diving gear that affects your comfort level and the ease with which you move around underwater. There are two main types of fins: split vs. padded.

Padded fins function as a paddle, meaning that they're one solid piece that allows you to kick underwater.

Split fins are precisely that: Their split design allows for a more comfortable, lower energy kick, but you will typically move at a slower speed compared to with a padded fin, the industry standard.

Some fins have an open heel, while others have a full foot design. Again, which type of scuba gear works best for you may depend on preference and water temperature: a full foot design is excellent for cold water scuba diving.

A Dive Knife Is Essential Scuba Gear

A knife is a crucial thing to bring on any dive. Whether cutting yourself free from a sticky situation or exploring a deep-sea wreck, it's vital to have a knife—specifically a dive shop knife—with you. There are sharp tip and blunt options, ones made from titanium and others made from stainless steel. Typically, they range between five and two inches long, and size is a matter of preference.

Keep in mind that serrated edges are ideal for cutting through a rope. Need to cut through a fishing line? A sharp straight edge may be best. 

Dive Computer

Otherwise known as a decompression meter, a dive computer is an essential tool. It may help you calculate:

  • How long your dive is
  • How deep underwater you are
  • Your decompression profile

If a diver ascends too quickly, they are at risk for decompression sickness. Also known as the bends, Decompression Sickness may result in the formation of small bubbles of gas within the body's tissues. It may have long-term impacts, such as muscle pain, nausea, and paralysis. Death may occur in extreme cases.

These are far from the only types of scuba equipment necessary for a safe and relaxing underwater adventure. Other essential gear to bring with you include:

  1. Scuba gloves
  2. Buoyancy compensator
  3. Mask defogger
  4. Dive light
  5. Underwater camera
  6. Submersible pressure gauge
  7. Compass
  8. Depth gauge

Hypoallergenic Scuba Gear Made in the USA

Wholesale scuba gear should be durable, hypoallergenic, and remain flexible in cold waters. As your factory-direct source for wholesale diving gear for adults and children, SiliconeGear is pleased to offer medical-grade silicone equipment at affordable prices. Not only is our high-quality wholesale scuba gear comfortable and flexible in cold water, but it's 100% made in Maine, USA.

For almost two decades, we've catered to dive shops worldwide with our high-quality and affordable scuba diving equipment.

Whether you're to stock your dive shop with American-made scuba diving equipment or stocking up for your next underwater adventure, high-quality at competitive pricing is vital. SiliconeGear is proud to offer premium medical-grade gear at factory-direct prices, designed and produced in our ISO certified facility in Maine, USA.

Scuba diving lets you explore deep underwater worlds ranging from the Great Barrier reef to the Red Sea. But to have a safe and non-stressful experience, you need the best gear—that means made in the USA from medical-grade silicone.