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Tank Strap

Tank Strap

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  • Great for securing equipment, hoses, and photography equipment
  • Special elongation silicone remains flexible in cold waters
  • Pull tab makes it easy to keep hoses tight against tank
  • A cave diver favorite in tight spaces
  • UV resistant medical-grade silicone
  • 4.5-inch diameter

A favorite at the annual DEMA tradeshow, AL40 and AL80 tank straps are a must-have for cave divers navigating in tight spaces. Engineered from 100% flexible medical-grade silicone, these tank straps maintain their elongation in extremely cold waters and are UV resistant.

The versatile tank strap can be used to hold hoses, photography equipment, and other necessities against your scuba diving tank. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors that let you easily identify your gear on the boat, the SiliconeGear tank strap is available in two sizes (AL40 and AL80) which are compatible with standard and side mount tank setups of their respective sizes.

COMPATIBILITY: AL40 and AL80 tank strap sizes available. Compatible with tanks of similar size to AL40 and AL80 (standard and size mount).

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