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Octopus Strap

Octopus Strap

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  • Designed to hold your second regulator
  • Safety yellow color for easy identification of your gear
  • Stays flexible in very cold waters
  • Made from high-elongation medical-grade silicone, class VI
  • Unique UV resistant silicone maintains elongation in cold water 
  • Made in Maine, USA

The Octopus Strap is our best-selling product at the DEMA trade show for good reason: Engineered from high-elongation in medical-grade silicone, the Octopus Strap is durable, flexible in even the coldest waters, and easy to spot. It's available in packs of 50 and 1,000.

HOW TO USE: To secure the strap to a D ring, pass the square end through the octopus strap's slotted end. The square end is designed to hold the mouthpiece. It is compatible with our Long Bite Mouthpiece and Standard Mouthpiece, both available for wholesale.

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