Who are we, anyway?

SiliconeGear is owned and operated by Casco Bay Molding, a factory in Sanford, Maine. With decades of engineering expertise, SiliconeGear sets the standard for American-made silicone products at factory-direct prices.

  • standard mouthpiece in black

    Scuba Mouthpieces

    Put comfort first with the our scuba mouthpieces, complete with a bit bite plate and comfortable walls to protect against jaw fatigue. Available in standard, longbite, and kids' sizes.

  • octo necklace black

    Octopus Necklace

    The regulator necklace is great for securing your 1st or 2nd regulator. Made from extra-elongation material, the necklaces are flexible in cold water.

  • al80 strap black

    Tank Straps

    The tank strap can be used to hold hoses, photography equipment, and other necessities against your scuba diving tank. Available in two sizes: AL40 & AL80.


Athletic silicone sleeve straps that improve your range of motion while keeping you cool on hot days. Hold back those pesky sleeves with ease. For athletes of all ages.

casco cup with case

Casco Cup

Looking for a sustainable alternative to your regular old period care? Our menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours and last for 10 years or longer, while keeping disposable period products out of landfills.