About Us

our factory

Our factory, Casco Bay Molding, in Sanford, Maine.

SiliconeGear® started off with a simple mission: Make our high-quality, American-made silicone products available to you at factory direct prices since we are, after all, a factory in Maine. As our factory has grown and the world has adopted our love for sustainable products, we've expanded our product line to include scuba gear, menstrual cups, and face shields. All of these products are made in Maine.

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Who We Are

SiliconeGear ® is run and operated by Casco Bay Molding, a silicone and plastic injection molding factory in Sanford, Maine. We believe in making products that you need with only the ingredients you want. That means using 100% medical-grade materials.
We are a small team united by a few core principles.
  1. Products should be well-designed, durable and made in America.
  2. Medical-grade silicone is a versatile material because it's safe for contact with skin and food.
  3. Everyone should have access to quality products at factory-direct prices.

Where We're Located

Casco Bay Molding, our factory, is located in Sanford, Maine. All of our products are designed, produced and shipped from our facility. More specifically, our facility is ISO 13485 Certified, meaning that we're licensed to produce medical device components because we meet specific quality standards.

What We Develop

While we enjoy developing our own products, we specialize in developing and manufacturing custom injection molded and over-molded silicone rubber and thermoplastic parts for our medical, consumer, crowd-funded and industrial customers. Please feel free to read more about our product development process on the Casco Bay Molding website.