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American-Made Face Shields (Wholesale Headbands Available)

Our full face shield features a comfortable, medical grade silicone and polypropylene headband and disposable face shield visors. Available at factory-direct prices, our silicone and plastic face shield offers protection suitable for a variety of industires. The Casco Shield™ is available for individual, wholesale and headband-only orders.

About Us: SiliconeGear is the sales arm of ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer Casco Bay Molding, located in Maine. In light of CDC recommendations regarding protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our product line to include a full face shield mask. As we are an American factory, we are in a unique position to offer both wholesale and individual products at competitive pricing.

The following is not medical advice. It is written solely to educate our community on medical face shields. Please see the CDC for COVID-19 related announcements and health protocol.

Full Face Shield Mask Made in Maine

We are pleased to announce the release of the Casco Shield, a full face shield made from medical-grade materials in the United States and available at factory-direct prices.

Face Shield Visor

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The Casco Face Shield Mask Offers

  • Comfortable and durable medical polypropylene headband.
  • 100% medical-grade silicone strap with eight eyelets for maximum adjustability.
  • Clear, non-fogging PET face shields featuring an easy-change design.
  • Bleach cleaning, sterilization and dishwasher-safe headband.
  • Made in Maine, USA.

American-Made Face Shield Design

For over 10 years, our mission at SiliconeGear has been to provide medical-grade silicone products, ranging from scuba diving equipment to antibacterial door knob covers, at factory-direct prices. This is possible because we are a factory: Our ISO 13485 certified facility, Casco Bay Molding, is located in Sanford, Maine.

And as we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to make medical equipment — especially personal protective equipment (PPE) — in the United States. Here are a few great reasons to choose our American-made wholesale face shields.

  • Medical Device Quality: We are ISO 13485 Certified. This means that products and materials used in our factory are held to medical device standards.
  • Factory Direct: SiliconeGear is factory-direct, and our pricing reflects that. When you shop with SiliconeGear, you have access to medical-level quality without the markup.
  • Medical-Grade Silicone: We are obsessed with silicone quality. That is why we only use 100% medical grade silicone, no matter the product.
  • FDA Inspected Facility: Casco Bay Molding is an FDA-registered and inspected facility with regard to our menstrual cup business.
  • High Volume & Wholesale: And because we have a factory, we possess the unique ability to ramp up production and meet demand.

Not only are our products more comfortable and durable, but they’re made from the best materials and available at competitive pricing in the USA.

Comfortable, Medical-Grade Face Shield Headbands

As a longterm medical manufacturer, we understand that in addition to being of consistently high quality, devices like a face shield have to be comfortable and hypoallergenic for the people who wear them. Here are a few crucial aspects of our headband to keep in mind.

  1. Comfortable: Our face shield headband is made from bendable medical polypropylene, meaning that it can sit comfortably around the head.
  2. Adjustable: Every headband comes with an 100% medical-grade silicone strap with eight eyelets. Not only is it soft and stretchy, but it is highly adjustable.
  3. Easy to Clean: Bleach, dishwasher and other forms of sanitization safe headbands and straps. Our products are designed to last through intensive cleaning.
  4. Easy to Change: Easy to change and secure design for visors.

Easy-Change Plastic Face Shield

Our design features an easy-change disposable face shield. For healthcare works, this makes it easy to switch out a dirty visor and continue with COVID-19 care.

For other essential workers who interact with the public, they can easily change a visor during the day or after a shift and replace it without throwing out the headband component. This allows companies to save on costs and reduce waste.

We are currently offering the Casco face shield for individual and wholesale orders on this site, in addition to face shield visor refills and headbands by themselves at competitive rates.

For larger orders, please fill out our wholesale form, but please check that the quantity you are interested in is above those offered on this website. If it is not,  we will simply redirect you to the Casco Shield™ page.

face shield made in usa

Pictured: Casco Shield Silicone Strap

Stretchy Medical Face Shield Headband

When engineering personal protective equipment, we focus on comfort and ease of use. As a medical manufacturer and product designer, we understand that our products will be used during long shifts. This means that they must be comfortable for the wearer.

With that in mind, our headband features a medical grade silicone strap that can be adjusted for people of different head sizes. The silicone we use is equal parts strong, stretchy and soft, so it fits comfortably and should not dig in.

Wholesale Disposable Face Shields

Every headband will come with 10 clear shields that can be easily added and changed. Our clear face shield masks are made from medical PPE.

How to Use a Face Shield

The following is a basic outline of how one may use this form of PPE. It is not medical advice. If you would like more specifics, please speak with your company, which may have a specific protocol to follow.

  • Insert the visor into the three slots on the headband.
  • Set the desired headband tightness.
  • Put the device on starting at the back of the head.
  • Adjust so it is sitting comfortably on the forehead.
  • Too tight? Remove and re-adjust the silicone strap.
  • Wear until the visor is dirty or follow company protocol.
  • When dirty, either have a colleague change out the visor component or remove the headband and change it yourself.
  • As always, wash your hands or handle with gloves.

Face Shield Masks During COVID-19

In the past month, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed American life as we know it. According to a recent poll, over 70% of Americans are practicing social distancing. Beyond that, 297 million Americans are being told to stay home by state governments, per New York Times figures. This is due to the realities of COVID-19 transmission.

As put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are two main ways that COVID-19 can spread from person to person.

  • The first is from person-to-person contact. Specifically, air and fluid particles from a coronavirus patient can infect a healthy individual if they’re ingested via the eyes, nose or mouth.
  • The second way that the virus jumps from person to person is through surfaces. Research shows that COVID-19 may live in hard surfaces for a matter of days, which is why we are launching an antibacterial door handle cover.

This means that the people most at risk of infection are essential workers such as healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, policemen, and other essential people.

The concept behind a plastic face shield mask is to help limit the spread of air and fluid particles for those interacting face to face with the public. In addition to social distancing, that may mean providing a disposable plastic barrier between a person’s eyes, nose and mouth, and air and fluid particles. We are also launching a face mask made from silicone and non-woven material.

About Us: Face Shields Made in Maine

SiliconeGear is owned and operated by Casco Bay Molding, an ISO 13485 medical device component manufacturer in Southern Maine. Casco Bay Molding is known for designing and manufacturing technically-challenging healthcare applications. In other words, our mission for the past two decades has been to make high-quality silicone and plastic products in America.

The Need for Face Shields & PPE

Today, the need to make PPE like face shields in America is more urgent than ever. That is why we’ve partnered with another Maine company to produce wholesale face shields made in USA.

Check out the Casco Shield™, now available for individual and wholesale orders, shipping in the United States. Interested in a larger quantity of face shields or the headband component not offered on this website? Please complete our wholesale form and we will be in touch shortly.