Face Shields Made in Maine

Disclaimer: The Casco Shield™ has not been tested per ASTM standards and does not provide any claims concerning filtration of airborne contaminants, including COVID-19. Please see our full disclaimer on the product page for more information.

This Full Face Shield Has 3 Components

The Casco Shield includes three main components:

  • White polypropylene headband
  • Stretchy white silicone strap
  • Clear visors

With a Casco Shield (2 Pack), you'll receive two complete coverings, each with an additional visor. We also offer additional visors for sale on this site (packs of 20 and 240) so that you may continue to use your headband.

Each component is manufactured in Maine, USA. Our factory is ISO:13485 certified. In other words, we offer traceability and transparency with all of our products. All of our products are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our factory, Casco Bay Molding, located in Sanford, Maine.

The wholesale full face shield is also offered in 20 Pack, 40 Pack, and 120 Pack options. If you are interested in quantities exceeding these amounts, please complete our wholesale form and we will be in touch with a quote.

How to Choose the Best Face Shield for Teachers and Small Businesses

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and businesses are looking for affordable, comfortable and high-quality supplies to safely interact with the public. At SiliconeGear, we have made it our mission to provide both groups -- everyday Americans and small businesses -- with the best face shield made in the USA. How? As a factory, we are in the unique position to offer competitive pricing on premium American-made products, whether they’re menstrual cups or wholesale face shields.

Here are a few of the design elements we prioritize when manufacturing the Casco Shield™.

1. The Best Face Shield Fits Everyone

The Casco Shield fits users 4’7” and taller.

Fit is critical for both protection and comfort. That’s why we’ve equipped this covering with a  unique silicone strap across the back. The benefits of using silicone are numerous. Most importantly, it’s very flexible and features eight eyelets for lots of adjustability.

Our silicone strap is:

  • Flexible
  • Soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
face shield for teachers

2. This Full Face Shield Is Dishwasher-Safe

The headband and silicone strap components are dishwasher-safe, i.e. very easy to clean and re-use. The visors may be reused and cleaned with a gentler cleaning agent, though the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends using visors once. With that in mind, this best face shield comes with 2 visors per headband. Additional visors are also available in packs of 20 and 240 at affordable prices with free shipping.

  • Dishwasher and sanitization-safe headband and strap
  • Affordable and easy-change visors

3. Two Clear Plastic Visors Per Headband

For every headband, you’ll receive 2 clear visors. These visors are made from clear materials and can withstand gentle cleaning. It is recommended that you switch visors per your healthcare professional and workplace’s instructions.

Need additional visors? We offer additional clear visors in packs of 20 or 240. Whether you are an individual looking to get more use of your face shield or a business stocking up on visors, the Casco Shield is designed with your needs in mind.

4. Wholesale Face Shields Available

We are pleased to offer factory-direct pricing on all of our products. The Casco Shield is available in the following quantities. All include free shipping:

  • 2 Pack: $22.99
  • 20 Pack: $125.00
  • 40 Pack: $226.00
  • 120 Pack: $610.00

Each pack includes a 1:2 headband to visor ratio. For example, a 2 Pack includes enough components for two full face shields, and each person would get an additional visor.

If you are interested in larger quantities, please complete our wholesale form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

5. The Best Face Shield Comes with Fast (and Free) Shipping

One of the challenges exposed during the coronavirus pandemic is the danger of relying on imports for essential PPE (personal protective equipment). With that in mind, we offer fast shipping on small orders. SiliconeGear orders typically ship within 3 business days from our factory in Maine.

Since we are the factory, we offer quick turnaround times on wholesale face shield orders, too. For orders of 720 units or more, we ship within 1-2 weeks, depending on prior orders.

6. The Best Face Shield Is Made in the U.S.

Choosing products made in the U.S.A is an easy way to support your fellow Americans during tough times. Every product on this website was designed and manufactured in Maine in our ISO:13485 certified facility.

What does that mean? Not only do we employ Americans, but we adhere to tough quality-control procedures during production and fulfillment. Outside of manufacturing the best face shield, we manufacture medical-device components. We bring this attention to detail to all of our products.

7. Assembling the Best Face Shield Is Easy

When you order a Casco Shield (2 Pack), you will receive eight elements:

  • 2 white headbands
  • 2 silicone straps
  • 4 clear visors

Assembling these components into two full face shields, each with an optional additional visor, is easy.

  1. Insert the visor into the three slots on the headband.
  2. Set the desired headband tightness.
  3. Put on the headband, starting at the back of the head.
  4. Adjust so it is sitting comfortably on the forehead.
  5. Too tight? Remove and re-adjust the silicone strap.
  6. When dirty, either have a colleague change out the visor component or remove the headband if you are to continue working. If not, you may remove it and change it yourself.
  7. As always, wash your hands or handle with gloves.

The above are basic assembly instructions, not medical advice. Please speak with your doctor and employer for specific COVID-19 health procedures and protocol.

8. The Best Full Face Shield Is Durable

No one wants a flimsy covering. Our face shield is the result of multiple design iterations and customer feedback. Not only is it made to last, but it’s made from premium materials, too. As an FDA registered and ISO:13485 certified American manufacturer, we offer unparalleled quality control and traceability. This means paying close attention to the comfort and durability of our designs.

9. Full Face Shields in a Variety of Settings

There are many types of businesses and individuals who may benefit from the Casco Shield™. These may include but are not limited to:

  1. Teachers and students
  2. Dentists and dental hygienists
  3. Cleaning crews
  4. Individuals working in retail
  5. Individuals in the food services industry
  6. Individuals who may not comfortably use a face mask
  7. Other reopening businesses

Reviewers have cited our face shield as easy to use and comfortable--especially for individuals whose job involves extensive communication, such as teachers, and those who may maintain at least 6 ft of social distance from others.

If you have any specific questions about whether a full face shield works for you, please speak with your doctor.

Reopening Schools with Wholesale Face Shields for Teachers

Ensuring that teachers, staff, and students have comfortable and affordable protective gear before the first day of school is critical. We encourage all school supply shopping to occur as quickly as possible to ensure prompt delivery.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in an interview that wearing a face shield in schools in addition to masks may be a good idea for teachers. “When teachers say, ‘Should I wear a face shield?’ Of course, because eyes are mucosal surfaces and you might as well protect that if you want to,” Dr. Fauci explained.

Note: This was not an official recommendation from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Understanding the Best Face Shield Design

Looking for more information on our design? Here’s what you should know about the three components that make up the Casco Shield. All three components are manufactured in Maine, USA and ship from our factory.

1. Medical-Grade Polypropylene Headband

  • Flexible
  • Cleanable
  • Sustainable

The headband component is made from medical-grade polypropylene, which is a flexible white plastic. We chose this material for several reasons, the most important being that it can be cleaned often and easily: You can clean this component (and the silicone strap with it) in a dishwasher or use a bleach cleaning solution.

The second reason was sustainability. Our longterm goal at SiliconeGear™ is to manufacture products that are sustainable and reduce the waste we generate. That means making products which you can use repeatedly.

2. Soft, Adjustable Silicone Strap

  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cleanable

Another medical-grade component, each face shield comes with a white silicone strap. This strap is hypoallergenic, stretchy, and offers lots of adjustability. As a result, the Casco Shield™ is comfortable for wearers of different ages: We estimate that Middle School students and older can comfortably wear it.

The silicone strap and headband component are also hypoallergenic.

3. Clear Face Shield Visors

Clear, replaceable visors are an important part of our design. Each visor comes with three hole punches for easy insertion onto the headband. And, because they are replaceable, you get more use out of your headband. Each full face shield comes with 2 visors, one for immediate use and an additional visor.

Inside the Best Face Shield Manufacturing Processes

SiliconeGear™ is owned and operated by Casco Bay Molding, an ISO:13485 medical device component manufacturer in Southern Maine. Casco Bay Molding is known for designing and manufacturing technically-challenging healthcare applications.

As a medical device component manufacturer and a product design company, we set out to design gear that remains comfortable during long periods of use. For this reason, our wholesale face shields include medical-grade silicone straps. The user may adjust the strap to their unique head size and fit preference.

The benefit of using medical-grade silicone is that it’s hypoallergenic and skin-contact safe. Silicone is also very stretchy and soft.

Making the Best Face Shield in USA Matters

For over 10 years, our mission at SiliconeGear™ has been to provide medical-grade silicone products, ranging from scuba diving equipment to antibacterial doorknob covers, at factory-direct prices. This is possible because we are a factory in Maine.

And as we’ve seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to make medical equipment — especially personal protective equipment (PPE) — in the United States. Here are a few great reasons to choose our American-made wholesale face shields.

COVID-19 and Face Shields

COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, emerged in China in late 2019. It soon spread to the rest of the world, including the United States. As of October 2021, there have been over 43 million COVID-19 cases in the United States.

At the same time as the U.S. grapples to control the epidemic, schools and universities have had to create reopening plans with appropriate coronavirus precautions. Some have opted for in-person classes, others have put forth a blended learning model, and some are continuing with online learning platforms. Face shields may be a critical school supply for reopening schools across the country.

COVID-19 Transmission Overview

Disclaimer: The following is not medical advice. Please speak with your physician for suggestions regarding your health and consult government websites for information on the spread of COVID-19 in your region.

As put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are two main ways that COVID-19 can spread from person to person.

  1. The first is from person-to-person contact. Specifically, air and fluid particles from a coronavirus patient can infect a healthy individual if they’re ingested via the eyes, nose or mouth.
  2. The second way that the virus jumps from person to person is through surfaces. Research shows that COVID-19 may live in hard surfaces for a matter of days, which is why we are launching an antibacterial door handle cover.

This means that the people most at risk of infection are essential workers such as healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, policemen, and other essential people.

The concept behind a plastic face shield mask is to help limit the spread of COVID-19 particles from an infected person to a non-infected person. In addition to other measures recommended by the CDC, such as social distancing and mask wearing, among many more, that may mean wearing a shield.

6 Factors that Set the Casco Face Shield Apart

There are several distinct advantages to choosing our Casco Shield™. Here are a few, according to our customers:

  1. Affordable: As a factory-direct website, we are able to offer 2 face shields (with 2 additional visors) for $22.99. Bulk orders also feature competitive discounts and wholesale quotes are available.
  2. Comfortable: Our face shield is made from medical-grade silicone and polypropylene, which translates to comfortable use.
  3. Hypoallergenic: The silicone and polypropylene are hypoallergenic, unlike types of foam and latex seen in other coverings.
  4. Reusable: Clean and reuse it, and stock up on additional visors if needed.
  5. Fast Shipping: We ship from Sanford, Maine. Made in USA products means faster shipping times.

The Best Face Shield Is Made in Maine

We work around the clock to make our gear available to individuals and businesses across the United States. If you are looking to purchase wholesale face shields prior to back to school, we encourage you to order as soon as possible so that we can ensure prompt delivery times.

Interested in quantities exceeding 120 units? Please complete our form and we will be in touch shortly. If you are looking for smaller volume, we are pleased to provide smaller bulk orders on this site. We may be able to offer unique ratios of headbands to visors for orders exceeding 120 units.

Disclaimer: This information is medical advice. Please speak with your physician for medical advice. Additionally, see your state and CDC website for up-to-date news regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.