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ExerTies™ are soft silicone sleeve straps that can do it all. Whether you're an athlete, work outdoors, or just don't want a farmer's tan,  ExerTies™ are the comfortable sleeve straps you've been waiting for.
  • Great for soccer, volleyball, and all outdoor sports
  • Great for cable ties, too
  • Made from soft, stretchy silicone
  • Won't irritate your skin (you won't even remember they're there)
  • Easy to fasten
  • Manufactured in the USA

One order includes 12 ExerTies™ (6 pairs). One color per box.

For more about ExerTies, check out our website.

The Story Behind ExerTies

SiliconeGear founder Andrew Powell invented ExerTies™ when his daughter started playing soccer.

Noticing that many of her teammates were using rubber bands and tape to secure their shirt sleeves on hotter days, Andy imagined a more comfortable, effective, and sustainable solution: silicone sleeve straps.

Not only do ExerTies™ abide by soccer, volleyball, and other sports regulations, but these soft sleeve straps are hypoallergenic, dishwasher-safe, and made in America.

What started off as a favorite product in the Powell family quickly became a hit on SiliconeGear. We're now offering wholesale ExerTies™, great for resellers and teams.

ExerTies for Cable Control

As ExerTies are made from medical-grade silicone, they're heat and cold-resistant. With that in mind, many of our customers love ExerTies as a way to wrap up their computer cables and kitchen wear too.


    • 4'8" inches (stretches to approximately 7" inches)
    • Available in 1 color per box
    • Sold in boxes of 12 (6 pairs), 100 (50 pairs), or 500 (250 pairs)
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