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Casco Shield™


  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable silicone strap
  • Non-fogging visors
  • Medical-grade materials
  • Manufactured in Maine
Free Shipping in 48 States
Leaves Factory in 3 Business Days

A comfortable, adjustable face covering great for teachers, dentists and reopening businesses.

Every reopening business can benefit from affordable, comfortable, and reusable face shields. Engineered from medical-grade materials in our factory in Maine, the Casco Shield™ sets the standard for durability and adjustability. The Casco Shield™ is available in bulk quantities that ship for free from our factory within 3 business days. Each dishwasher-safe headband and silicone strap unit comes with two visors so you get even more use out of your Casco Shield™.

Engineered and shipped from our factory in Sanford, Maine.

The Casco Shield™ is named after our favorite part of Maine: Casco Bay. With that in mind, we've designed a face covering that's made to last: Unlike lower-grade products, the Casco Shield™'s headband and strap components are dishwasher and sanitization-safe. With every headband/strap set, you'll also receive two visors at no additional cost.

Product Unit Price
2 Pack (4 visors)
20 Pack (40 visors)
40 Pack (80 visors)
120 Pack (40 visors)

Each headband/strap set includes two visors.

Interested in larger quantities?

2-Pack Includes

  • 2 white polypropylene headbands
  • 2 stretchy white silicone straps
  • 4 clear visors


  • Visor: 11" wide x 8" long
  • Silicone strap: 9 3/4" length x 3/4" width
  • Headband fits users 4'7" and taller


Casco Shield™ manufacturer Casco Bay Molding does not guarantee protection from airborne contaminants including COVID-19. In circumstances where medical-grade personal protective equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. Please remember that the use of face shields is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face. Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe. By choosing to wear our face shields, face masks, and other coverings, an individual acknowledges and assumes all risks, known and unknown, associated therewith.

How to Use the Casco Shield™

  • Follow CDC hand washing protocols.
  • Place the Casco Shield™ headband and silicone strap on a hard, flat and clean surface.
  • Position headband facing away from you. Then, add the strap to one side of the headband.
  • Every visor has three pre-punched slits. Insert one side slit into the headband.
  • Insert the middle slit.
  • For the third slit, notice that you will have to stretch the headband to reach it.
  • Stretch the headband to reach the third slit. Don't worry, it wont break.
  • When it has been inserted, the headband will re-assume its original shape.
  • Place headband on head and adjust silicone strap for preferred tightness. Pictured: Correct use.
  • The Casco Shield™ headband is dishwasher and sanitization safe. The visor is designed for single use.
  • Place headband on head to gauge preferred silicone strap tightness.
  • Remove the face shield and add the strap to the second side.
  • Pictured: Correct use

The Casco Shield™ headband is dishwasher and sanitization safe. The visor is designed for single use.

Customer Reviews

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Casco shield
OK but...
Comfortable and easy to use
did not send all parts of shield

Hello Barbara! We are very sorry to hear that no one got back to you and that you did not receive the silicone straps. Unfortunately, we did not receive any of your emails (it is our policy to respond to all emails).

We are sending out the silicone straps, which you should receive shortly. Thank you for letting us know!

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