How to Use the Casco Shield

How to Use the Casco Shield

Follow these step-by-step instructions for no-fuss assembly of your Casco Shield™, available for individual and wholesale orders. The following is not medical advice. Please see our full disclaimer on the Casco Shield for more information.

1. Follow CDC hand washing protocols. Place the Casco Shield™ headband and silicone strap on a hard, flat and clean surface.

How to use casco shield

2. Position headband facing away from you. Then, add the strap to one side of the headband.

instructions for best use

3. Every visor has three pre-punched slits. Insert one slit into the headband.

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4. Insert the middle slit.

best practices

5. For the third slit, notice that you will have to stretch the headband to reach it.

casco shield instructions

6. Stretch the headband to reach the third slit.

instructions for casco shield

7. When it has been inserted, let the headband assume its original shape.

best practices

8. Place headband on head and adjust silicone strap for preferred tightness. Pictured: Correct use.

9. The Casco Shield headband is dishwasher and sanitization safe. The visor is designed for single use.

how to use a casco shield