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American-Made Wholesale Scuba Equipment

All SiliconeGear products are manufactured at Casco Bay Molding in Sanford, Maine. We are strong advocates for American manufacturing for a few critical reasons.

  1. QUALITY: As an American manufacturer, we are subject to strict material traceability, design, and safety protocols. Unlike scuba diving equipment suppliers from Asia, we can guarantee that all products are made from 100% medical-grade silicone — not cheap rubber that becomes rigid in cold water.
  2. DESIGN: Not only is our founder an avid diver, but our products are designed in collaboration with divers and underwater photographers. Not only do we possess deep technical manufacturing know-how, but we love diving, too.
  3. COMMUNITY-MINDED: We believe in giving back to our community in Maine. That’s why all SiliconeGear  wholesale scuba gear is designed, manufactured, and shipped from our home state.

Medical-Grade Silicone Scuba Gear

Choosing high-quality wholesale scuba gear is critical for both safety and comfort.

For that reason, dive shops around the world choose medical-grade silicone equipment. Unlike diluted silicone or rubber, medical-grade silicone remains flexible in cold waters.

Our silicone regulator mouthpieces — available in Long Bite, Standard, and Kids sizes — remain comfortable in cold water. This helps reduce jaw fatigue.

SiliconeGear  materials are also hypoallergenic, skin-contact safe, and odorless.

Over the past two decades, we have discovered the perfect silicone formula that combines high elasticity with durability to bring you affordable wholesale scuba gear at unbeatable prices.

Most Wholesale Scuba Gear Isn't Medical-Grade Silicone

Overseas manufacturers may mislabel low-quality silicone as “medical-grade silicone.” Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that a foreign manufacturer is using the material they claim to be using.

When you source your wholesale diving equipment from SiliconeGear, you know that our products have been subject to strict American quality control standards. We can offer full material traceability to give our customers peace of mind.

SiliconeGear's Wholesale Offerings

  1. STANDARD MOUTHPIECE: Our best-selling Standard Mouthpiece is designed to resist jaw fatigue. Available in a variety of colors, the Standard Mouthpiece is an excellent choice for divers with small to medium-sized mouths.
  2. LONG BITE MOUTHPIECE: A favorite wholesale scuba gear offering at the DEMA trade show, the Long Bite Mouthpiece allows divers with larger mouths to adjust their bite throughout the dive for maximum comfort.
  3. KIDS MOUTHPIECE: An essential piece of scuba gear for young divers, our Kids Mouthpiece is available in fun colors to make kids excited about diving. The Kids Mouthpiece is designed to fit comfortably in small mouths.
  4. TANK STRAP (AL40 and AL80): Available in packs of 25 and 500, our two sizes of tank straps are a great way to secure equipment and hoses on tanks of different sizes. Both are engineered from stretchy silicone that will retain its original shape.
  5. OCTOPUS REGULATOR NECKLACE: The "Octo" Necklace is another dive shop favorite. This regulator necklace can secure a first or second regulator. Made from high elongation silicone, it remains flexible in cold water.
  6. OCTOPUS STRAP: The innovative "Octo" Strap is available in safety yellow. It’s designed to hold a mouthpiece and is compatible with the Standard and Long Bite Mouthpieces.
  7. SNORKEL KEEPER: Featuring a detachable design, the Snorkel Keeper is great for holding a snorkel, torch, or dive light.

Our decade-running product line is renowned for its American-made quality, eye-catching colors, and thoughtful design, making it a favorite at the annual DEMA (Dive Equipment Marketing Association) trade show.

Wholesale Scuba Mouthpieces

We offer three different scuba mouthpiece sizes, all engineered from medical-grade silicone rubber.

  1. LONG BITE MOUTHPIECE: Great for divers with a slightly larger mouth, especially male divers, the Long Bite is designed to reduce jaw fatigue during extended dives. Compatible with most regulators.
  2. STANDARD MOUTHPIECE: The Standard is ideal for adult divers with small and medium-sized mouths. Compatible with most regulators.
  3. KID’S MOUTHPIECE: Available in an array of eye-catching colors, this small size is great for dive shops catering to younger divers.

Octopus Strap

It’s critical not to lose a mouthpiece during a dive. That’s why we designed the Octopus Stap, another favorite wholesale scuba gear offering at the DEMA tradeshow.

Otherwise known as a second regulator strap, the “Octo Strap” is made from medical-grade silicone designed for extended elongation and ideal for cold waters. In other words, the Octopus Strap remains flexible, an essential safety feature.

Octopus Regulator Necklace

Preparing for an emergency is a critical part of successful scuba diving. With that in mind, many technical and cave divers use our Octopus Necklace to fasten their primary or secondary regulator. A secondary regulator is a crucial safety feature that allows you to assist your diving buddy in an emergency.

You want your Octopus Necklace to be made from medical-grade silicone engineered for cold water flexibility. That’s why we never use vinyl elastomers or questionable mixed silicone products, only medical-grade materials. SiliconeGear is a longtime favorite in the diving community because of our emphasis on quality and transparency in our processes.

Scuba Diving Tank Strap (AL40 AND AL80)

Great for securing equipment and hoses, we offer two sizes of tank straps: the AL40 and Al80. One may use these straps with both side-mounted and standard tanks. Made from 100% healthcare-grade silicone, these tank straps remain flexible in cold water, a critical feature for divers everywhere.

SiliconeGear : Wholesale Scuba Gear Supplier

For two decades, we’ve catered to dive shops worldwide with our high-quality and affordable wholesale scuba gear.

Not only is our high-quality equipment comfortable and flexible in cold water, but it’s 100% made in Maine, USA. Our products are also designed to be durable, hypoallergenic, and remain flexible in cold water.

Whether you’re to stock your dive shop with American-made wholesale scuba gear or stocking up for your next underwater adventure, high-quality at competitive pricing is vital. SiliconeGear is proud to offer premium medical-grade gear at factory-direct prices, designed and produced in our ISO-certified facility in Maine, USA.