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Casco Bay Molding Logo

www.cascobaymolding.com - Our factory shop. We specialize in developing & producing custom-molded silicone and plastic parts for your industrial, medical, and consumer goods markets. Feel free to request a quote!

ExerTies Logo

www.ExerTies.com - Our website for ExerTies - not just sleeve scrunchies, but can be used to organize TV & computer cables, on your keychain, or in the tool box as a utility strap.

Casco Cup Logo
www.cascocup.com - Our website for our menstrual cup product, the Casco Cup. Purchase a Casco cup, or view our FAQ, instructions, and silicone material information.

www.myevercup.com - EverCup is a social enterprise dedicated to the menstrual health of women in developing nations. Proceeds from online sales are spent on menstrual health training and other charitable activities.