Instructions: How to Use the Casco Mask

Including three components, this patent pending design is offers an affordable, high-quality and comfortable solution for long-term use. Before you start, follow CDC hand-washing protocol.

Getting Started

1. Fold the disposable non-woven face cover into a C-fold shape on a clean and fast surface.


2. Position face mask holder earloops on the same surface so that they are facing inward with lanyard positioned towards you.


3. Insert the Casco Mask™ disposable nonwoven face cover into the mask slits.

from users perspective

4. Pass lanyard over one’s head. Ensure that the silicone ear loops are positioned so that the lanyard is on the bottom.

around neck

5. Place one loop over one ear.

over ear

6. Place the face cover over the nose and chin.

over mouth and nose

7. Place over the second ear.

over second ear

8. Open the face cover material from the center.

expand over nose

9. Grab one side of the face cover to tighten. Then, repeat for the other side. Adjust for preferred tightness and fit.


10. Optional: Tuck ends of face cover under each loop.

tuck under edge

11. Optional: Add nose bridge if pairing with glasses.

12. To remove the Casco Mask, pull one side of the disposable non-woven face cover from the other with a clean gloved hand. When the fabric frees, pull it away from the face completely.

how to remove

The Casco Mask holder is dishwasher and sanitization safe. The white face coverings are designed for single use only.